Prize Fighting | What We Do
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What We Do


We create captivating content for Boxing purist in the truest sense. We operate Boxing destinations;,,

MMA Content

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. Here at Prizefighting, we create captivating MMA content for MMA enthusiasts worldwide – Providing audiences with News, Interviews, Photos, Video & more. PrizeFighting operates MMA destinations;,, &

Data / Solutions

We own the most comprehensive combat sports database in the world Our database is comprised of more than 4 Million + Boxing & MMA Events and 600,000 + fighters. We offer a wide range of services including API’s, Hosted Solutions & more. Our goal is to provide audiences with as much information as possible, so that audiences can fully appreciate the science and beauty behind fighting.

Stage/ Production

We’ve built a unique team of specialists for each project, we pair high-end creative services with intelligent, ambitious solutions to pull off the kind of events that not only define brands, but that people actually enjoy.

Images/ Gallery

Our images have been viewed by millions and used by some of the worlds most recognized media outlets including Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur, Thrillist, The All Rounder, The Sport Review and more.